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Analysis of the Professional Process for Palladium Catalyst Recovery in Precious Metals Trading

Don’t know how to handle used palladium catalysts? Don’t worry, today Hirase Precious Metals brings you the content on how to recover palladium catalysts! We hope you will gain something after reading this.

Precious Metal Recycling
Before starting the recovery, we need to separate the used palladium catalyst. Here, we choose technologies like solvent extraction or ion exchange to act directly on the mixture containing the palladium catalyst, separating the palladium.

After separation, palladium generally carries some impurities. At this time, it is necessary to further purify the palladium through methods such as chemical precipitation or electrolytic purification. These methods can effectively remove impurities in palladium and improve its purity.

After purification, the palladium needs to be converted into palladium powder, so we use a reducing agent to reduce the palladium salt to palladium powder, and then convert the palladium salt into a metallic form through a reaction. This step is not the end; we finally need to clean up, removing residual chemicals or solvents from the previous steps, to ensure the purity and stability of the palladium.